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What are the benefits of Redan or "Step" hulls ?

The Ranieri International rigid hull boats distinguish themselves from their competitors by their redan or "stepped" hull, this technology Ranieri International called HIS (Hull Innovative System) offers a unique and exceptional sea hold, even in bad weather conditions. The Italian shipyard has been studying hydrodynamic effects that will improve the marine behaviour of their boats for several years.

The techniques first used on seaplanes to facilitate a rapid take-off and to maintain a perfect stability for the landings, are now applied to the hulls of vessels with redan, kinds of V shapped channels, which allow a depression under the hull, thus lifting the stern of the vessel, reducing friction and leading to ease of navigation and optimum stability.

The advantages of a stepped hull are significant:

  • improving general performances
  • increasing comfort for passenger
  • reducing fuel consumption
  • better grip in curves

Scheme of a step hull

This philosophy has always been the guiding line in the development and improvement of Ranieri boats and now applies to all rigid hull models and now some RIBs can also benefit from it, offering customers cutting-edge products.


The Ranieri rigid hull boats range:

The Ranieri International brand presents a wide range of rigid hull boats in order to satisfy all kind of boaters:

The Open Line

The Open or Voyager range of the Ranieri International shipyard is The open pleasure boat without cabin, ideal for day trips with family or friends, simple and fun. It will seduce you by its safety aspect with its many handrails, its comfort on board with its beautiful central console offering a large storage capacity, making it easy and secure to move around the deck.

Ranieri Voyager 21S for sale at Amber Yachting

The Sundeck Line

The Sundeck models from the Italian shipyard are the most popular range in the Mediterranean. Equipped with a cabin and a large sunbathing area, the Sundeck is perfect for day trips to the sea as well as for short cruises in the turquoise waters around the islands.

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