New boat in stock: find your future boat for the new 2021 sailing season !

The summer season is approaching: it’s time to find the new boat that will accompany you for your next days at sea!

Sailing on a comfort and high-end boat offers a feeling of incomparable freedom. At a time when the desire to escape is stronger than ever, sailing allows you to realize all your desires elsewhere. To spend a holiday with family and to meet up with fiends far from the hassle of everyday life, nothing like a break at sea aboard a comfort and design boat

But to recharge its energies offshore, you still have to board on the right boat!

And for good reason: the choice of a new boat is no small matter. Whether it’s the price, the brand of the boat or the stock available, you have to find the boat that will meet all your expectations. A real investment, the purchase of a new boat is not taken lightly and requires professional support to ensure you make the right choice.

Are you looking for a new boat available for the upcoming navigation season? Don’t worry: Ranieri brand dealer for Mandelieu - Cannes - Antibes - Nice, Amber Yachting has selected for you 3 boats in stock available for the 2021 summer season. Welcome on board!

Sundeck Next 220 SH Coque Rigide neuf Ranieri à vendre

Sundeck Next 220 SH Coque Rigide neuf Ranieri à vendre

Cayman 21 S Ranieri International neuf à vendre

Cayman 21 S Ranieri International neuf à vendre

How to choose a new rigid or inflatable boat ?

When you want to buy a new boat, a number of parameters must be taken into account.

Budget and purchase price, size of the boat, equipment, engine, it is necessary to observe everything closely to be sure to opt for the model that will optimally suit your desires of pleasure. If you are used to going out to sea with your family, friends or couple for example, you will have to choose a comfortable boat on which everyone can feel good.

In the same way, depending on the time you plan to spend at sea, you must adapt the choice of your future boat so that it is able to ensure long cruises or small holiday cruises.

If you want to sail in comfort aboard a high quality unit, it is therefore advisable to turn to brands recognized in the world of boating.
Among them, the Ranieri brand is doing well. With its models of rigid and rib hulls, the shipyard in southern Italy has demonstrated its reliability and its concern for excellence over the years. Proof of this is with the 3 boats in stock available for the season offered by your official dealer Amber Yachting in Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06).
Discover them without delay and treat yourself to a relaxing holiday in the Bay of Cannes as soon as the sunny days arrive!

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Shadow 22 Ranieri - Rigide hull

Enjoy a cruising boat to satisfy your pleasure!
Boasting an excellent passage at sea thanks to its step hull that can be found in many models of motor boats of the Ranieri range, the Shadow 22 S is an ideal concentrate of performance and navigation comfort. Designed for relaxing days at sea, the Italian rigid hull takes up the challenge of being a ship as comfortable as elegant and efficient. With a length of 6.50 metres and a width of 2.42 metres, the Shadow 22 Ranieri can accommodate up to 9 people.

Shadow 22 Ranieri Coque rigide - Amber Yachting www.amber-yachting.com

Discover the Ranieri Shadow 22

Suitable for short anchorages during the day as for short cruises, this model is composed of a cabin offering 2 beds for the longest stays at sea. Equipped with a new outboard motor Suzuki 200 hp, let yourself be carried away by this rigid hull boat and adopt it for your future holidays. Sold by our official Ranieri concession in the Alpes-Maritimes, be sure to make the right choice for your future boat!

Cayman 21 Sport - Rib Boat - Cayman Line

Planning a holiday in Cannes? What about discovering the treasures of the Mediterranean sea aboard a high-end motor boat! The Cayman 21 S included in the Cayman range of the Ranieri shipyard is perfect for anchorages between the islands of Lérins.

Measuring 6.45 metres long and 2.55 metres wide, this sport pneumatic boat can accommodate up to 14 passengers. A perfect rib if you are looking for a family boat to board your whole tribe during your holidays! Designed to meet the desires of boaters in search of peace full days with family, this Ranieri model has been designed to meet all the expectations of comfort of a rib boat.

At the bow, you can enjoy a large solarium and a large storage box assisted by a pneumatic cylinder. At the back of the leaning post, you can also enjoy an optional convertible galley station with a water point, a work surface, a teak table. This rare arrangement on a rib boat completes the bespoke equipment of this quality boat.

Cayman 21 Sport Ranieri Amber Yachting Bateau for sale

More details about the Cayman 21 Sport Ranieri

The Cayman 21 Sport Ranieri offers an optimal and practical ride thanks to its wide 29 cm passenger way. In regards to the engine and performance, it is the dynamism and sportiness that take precedence with an outboard motor of 70 to 175 hp maximum. Enough to promise incredible sensations of navigation to all the passengers of the boat.

Bonus: this Italian rib boat is exempt from annual french flag navigation fees! The Cayman 21 S definitely has everything to convince the most demanding boaters so come and discover it without waiting with your Ranieri dealer in Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06).

Sundeck Ranieri Next 220 SH - rigid hull

Allowing up to 7 passengers, the Ranieri Nest 220 SH is ideal for sailing in the Mediterranean.

Both for day trips at sea and for short cruises around the islands of Lérins for example, this boat from the Sundeck Line range promises absolute comfort on board. With a large sunbath and a bow dedicated to idleness, this 7.35-metre cruiser cabin has been designed to offer an optimal navigation experience.

Its reversible cockpit positioned at the back of the boat allows to create a comfortable lounge where everyone will find his place during your outings at sea. Inside, you can also enjoy 3 beds (1 double bed and a single bed) for your long cruise sessions and crossings.

Ranieri Amber Yachting - Sundeck Next 220 SH new boat for sale Mandelieu

Discover the Sundeck 220 SH

Equipped with a step hull, the hallmark of the Italian shipyard’s rigid-hulled motor boats, the Sundeck Ranieri Next 220 SH demonstrates enhanced overall stability by reducing the differences in pressure on the hull.

On the engine side, the Next 220 SH Ranieri available in our catalog also has everything to please. Compatible with single-engine outboards of up to 150 hp to a maximum of 250 hp, it displays excellent performances that combine with an optimization of fuel consumption for moments of pleasure that you are not ready to forget.

Everything is there to offer you a moment of unprecedented freedom: don’t miss the Next 220 SH Ranieri to discover without delay at Amber Yachting!

Amber Yachting expertise for a new boat purchase

Buying a new boat is an important decision and an investment that must be taken into account over time.

Your boat must meet all your expectations and offer you the full satisfaction you expect on all levels. In this area, it is important to entrust your project to a specialist who can answer all your questions. By going through a professional, you eliminate intermediaries and the risk of having unpleasant surprises.

No more the fear of buying a new boat blindly and discovering hidden vices over time! The accompaniment of a professional frees you from the stress of buying your boat so that everything happens in the best possible conditions. Official and exclusive dealer of Ranieri International units in the French Riviera, we know how important the choice of a new motor boat is for buyers.

That is why we work to offer the best service and the best guarantees for the purchase of each of the boats offered in our catalogue of new or used boats.

Stock boat for sale Amber Yachting Madelieu

Buy you boat with amber Yachting : 5 Advantages

The Amber Yachting experience offers a top-of-the-range service that meets even the most demanding expectations. Professionals in the sale of new and pre-owned boats but also experts in nautical consulting, we are committed to answering with reliability and seriousness each of the questions that are posed to us.

In constant contact with individuals looking for boats for sale (brokerage service) or owners who want to sell their unit, we are constantly looking for the best bespoke service. In this context, we offer professional support for the purchase of new boats with exceptional advantages.

  • 1. Boats available now

The new boats offered above for sale on our site or in agency in Mandelieu La Napoule are available immediately. This speed of delivery of your new motor boat ensures you navigation without waiting so that you can enjoy it from the arrival of the sunny days.

  • 2. Guarantees on new boat

The new boats offered have manufacturer and engine warranties that are automatically activated as soon as your boat is launched.

  • 3. Destocking price

The budget for the purchase of a new boat is often important. This is why we offer the semi-rigid boats and rigid hulls presented above at a lower price. This destocking price Amber Yachting allows you to buy your future new boat Ranieri taking advantage of an exceptional price.

  • 4. New boat turn and key delivey

As soon as you purchase your new boat from our service, we will deliver the boat to you. You don’t have to do anything: the new boat you have chosen and bought and already ready to sail without having to do anything. We give you the keys, and all you have to do is board!

  • 5. Financial solution : Boat lease

Because some recreational boaters need a boost to finance their new boat project, we have put in place financing solutions that are suitable for everyone. Depending on your budget and your project, we adapt the appropriate recreational funding together.

Looking forward to sail aboard a quality boat this summer? Discover our models of new boats available for holidays aboard a boat to meet your expectations.

Our team is at your disposition to answer all your questions and realize with you the purchase of your future new or used boat. Come and meet us at the port of La Napoule or contact us for more information about our boats and services.

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