RIB Ranieri : Cayman Line

The birth of the Ranieri RIB range: Cayman

«The smartest choice of my life was to get my sons into the business »

Asserts Pietro RANIERI, keystone and founding father of the Italian company of motor boats Ranieri International, with his sons Antonio and Salvatore, joining the family business.

These, have inherited their father's faculty to «see beyond», they decided to invest in a new strategic project giving birth to a new range, that of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), which they named "Cayman". This courageous bet taken a few years ago rewarded the RANIERI clan, because the company started growing and spread widely on the international boat industry.

This relatively recent line of inflatable boats has rapidly expanded to include about 15 models ranging from 3.65 m to 11.60 m with different configurations: Sport, Sport Touring, Sport Diving, Executive and One Luxury Tender.


The Ranieri Cayman Line: from tender to maxi RIB

You can discover the complete Cayman RIB line in Mandelieu, at Amber Yachting showroom, exclusive dealer for the Ranieri brand in the Alpes Maritimes, south of France. The Cayman Line is available in several models, all very well equipped in standard version and fully customizable to make unique boats in accordance with your wishes.

The Sport Line

The Cayman Sport configuration (19,21,23 and 26 feet) offers boaters a motor boat that promotes safety while combining comfort, with its wide sunbathing bow, and performance through an extremely successful sports design. Depending on the model, it is possible to install an optional kitchen cabinet, sink, gas cooker or cutting board.

Ranieri RIB Cayman 26 Sport unit in the water

The Sport Touring Line

The Cayman Sport Touring also has a sporty line (23.26, 27, 28 and 31), but it doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of comfort. Indeed, the sunbathing at the bow gives a little room to the central console which manages to offer a cabin that can accommodate a chemical toilet but also a little privacy to change, or can become a generous storage.

Ranieri RIB Cayman 27 ST during navigation

The Sport Diving Line

The Cayman Sport Diving (23 and 26 feet) configuration has been designed for scuba divers, but is also ideal for a wide variety of professional purpose.

Cayman Sport diving 26 at sea

The Executive Line

With its high-end design and innovative technologies such as steps HIS hulls, the Cayman Executive (35 – new 2020 and 38 feet) is a maxi-RIB approved for 3 engine configuration, and is the only model that can offer 2 cabins and 4 beds. The «Trofeo» version differs from the classic version by a very complete standard equipment and a more aggressive look.

Ranieri RIB Cayman 35 Executive

The Tender Line

The Cayman One Luxury Tender is THE new model of the 2020 Fall and the smallest of the range with its 3.65 m length, making it the ideal Tender to go ashore for an aperitif or in dream coves for a picnic.

Ranieri RIB Cayman 1 - Tender version

logo Ranieri black and white

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