Trawler Adagio 58 and Privilège Série 6 : Your transatlantic cruise onboard a Luxury preowned unit

Looking to escape and discover new horizons? What if you could leave for an exceptional transatlantic cruise aboard a preowned boat prepared for you!

After the complicated year that has passed, the desire to travel is today stronger than ever. It is then essential to answer the call of the sea by opting for a boat able to take you way further. Transatlantic crossing and cruises have multiplied in recent years. It must be said that the offer of transatlantic boats has multiplied with models of motor boats always more efficient, comfortable and reliable for long oceanic journeys.

While boaters are more and more likely to want to sail to conquer the Atlantic Ocean, many do not know which boat to embark on..

Don't panic: Amber Yachting will help you find the perfect boats for your comfortable Atlantic crossings.

Amber Yachting, Yacht broker specialized in the sale of new boats Ranieri International and Gommoni BSC inflatable boats as well as the sale of second hand boats of all brands combined. Amber Yachting helps you to find the perfect boat to complete in peace your transatlantic trip. Set a course for the Atlantic!

Boat Trawler Adagio Europa 58 for sale

Trawler Adagio 58 Europa for sale

Saling Boat Privilege 6 for sale

Sailing Catamaran Privilege 6 for sale

Which boat to choose for a Transaltantic cruise?

Choosing the right boat is essential when you are planning to cross the Atlantic

During several days, your boat will be your only haven : all the more reason to give it your full attention! Today, the dream of deep-sea navigation and long cruisers is becoming more popular thank to the second-hand boats market. Checked and well maintained by a team of professionals, second-hand boats are an ideal solution for conquering distant horizons in complete tranquility and comfort.

Among them, two used models stand out in our catalog for their navigation reliability and high-end equipment: the Adagio 58 trawler and the Privilege 6 series catamaran. Discover them now and don't miss these opportunities!

First-hand Adagio 58 Europa : An ideal transatlantic trawler to face the Ocean

Luxurious trawler, the Adagio 58 Europa is a boat capable to meet all expectations, even the most demanding. A luxury trawler custom-made is a model designed by sailors for sailors.

The Asian shipyard Adagio has developed a semi-planing displacement hull trawler. This type of naval architecture offers excellent results in terms of comfort / speed ratio.

Bateau d'occasion trawler Adagio 58 en exclusivité - A vendre bateau d'occasion Amber Yachting - Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06)

And that’s not all: as for other trawler yachts recognized in the nautical industry, namely the Fleming 55, the Grand Banks 52, the Sirena 58 or the Swift Trawler 52, the Adagio 58 combines a state-of-the-art technology specially designed for long cruises on the high seas. The safety on board is total and the comfort unmatched thanks to many standard luxury equipment and options to discover.

Adagio 58 pre-owned for sale in exclusivity at Amber Yachting

Are you looking for a transatlantic trawler capable of ensuring a long navigation on the ocean with the best equipment? This first hand Adagio 58 Europa from our catalog is perfect for you.

First hand sold exclusively by our yacht brokerage agency located in Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06), the exceptional trawler Adagio 58 Europa is equipped with 3 cabins, a practical and design layout as well as high-end electronic equipment.

Cabine Adagio 58 Europa Trawler transatlantique - A vendre bateau d'occasion Amber Yachting - Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06)

The owner offers this boat for sale including exceptional features such as :
  • A gyroscopic stabilizer
  • A double fuel filtration system
  • A Reverso drain system
  • Photovoltaic panels

Of course, the list is non-exhaustive and many other equipment/ features are to be discovered on the datasheet of this exceptional trawler in great demand. Ultra-maintained and equipped, this Adagio trawler in the South of France with our yacht brokerage agency Amber Yachting.

Used Adagio 58 Europa price: 695,000€ VAT paid

Trawler Adagio 58 Europa - A vendre d'occasion Amber Yachting - Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06)

This Trawler is available now for your season

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Pre-owned Privilège série 6 : Luxury catamaran with exceptional features for long cruises

The most luxurious catamaran in its class, the Privilège Série 6 has already seduced boaters and sailors looking for a high-end boat.

On this catamaran nothing has been left to chance by the Privilège Marine shipyard which has made the Privilège 6 series catamaran a direct competitor of the Lagoon catamarans to the point of becoming a reference in terms of transatlantic luxury catamaran. It must be said that the shipyard has an impressive reputation thanks to the quality of its finishes and materials used for the design of its luxury multi-hulls for the deep-sea cruise.

Catamaran Privilège série 6 - A vendre d'occasion Amber Yachting - Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06)

High performance, unparalleled sailing comfort and perfect anchorage comfort make this Privilege Serie 6 a perfect opportunity for a long cruise with friends and family in the tropics or elsewhere. The longer and higher hulls with finer and straight bows signed by Marc Lombard impose the first look on this exceptional catamaran.

Safety and comfort are paramount on this luxury boat. Let yourself be seduced by this high-end catamaran signed Privilège Marine for sale second hand at Amber Yachting!

Second-hand Privilège série 6 Catamaran for sale - Amber Yachting

Everyone is dreaming about it, but only the lucky ones can afford it.

The Privilege series 6 of the famous French shipyard is available for sale in our brokerage agency located in Mandelieu-la-Napoule. We are pleased to offer this pre-owned catamaran with very high standing for lovers of luxury deep sea boats.

Plan de pont 360° Privilège série 6 catamaran luxe - A vendre d'occasion Amber Yachting - Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06)

Measuring less than 20 metres, this refined Flybridge catamaran is arranged with a 360° deck plan. What to move freely on board and take full advantage of the navigation on the ocean. Perfect boat for long cruises with friends or family, this Privilège Serie 6 in fully equipped to discover without delay in the data sheet Privilege series 6.

Buy a high-end catamaran for your luxury cruise.

Catamaran Privilège série 6 price : 1 900 000€ HT

Catamaran Privilège Série 6 en mer - A vendre d'occasion Amber Yachting - Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06)

This pre-owned Catamaran is available now for your season !

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Very well placed on the market, these two boats recommended by our team of experts are available immediately. Any question? A need? A clarification? Our specialist team answers all your questions to help you find the traveler boat of your dreams.

How to choose your offshore boat for Transaltantic trip?

When you want to organize a transatlantic cruise, it is essential to well know your boat.

The confidence in your offshore boat must be total to ensure a reliable and serene cruise despite the swell and the possible climatic inconveniences you may encounter on your route. To achieve a reliable long cruise, the sailboat will naturally give way to a more stable catamaran and the classic yacht to a more reliable trawler and arranged to travel long distances at sea.

Once the first sort is made among the boats for sale, the choice of your dream boat will have to be made rigorously according to several points.

Bateau Trawler ou catamaran transatlantique hauturier luxe - Amber Yachting

1. Mandatory equipment

Any long cruise across an ocean requires verified and reliable equipment that meets current standards to ensure a smooth crossing of the Atlantic.

2. Comfort equipment and facilities

The comfort during navigation is a key point to check when buying a boat for a transatlantic cruise with family or friends. Be sure to give priority to comfort facilities to enjoy a pleasant stay on board.

3. Vessel stability on the high seas

Led to live a long crossing of several days on the ocean, the chosen boat must be reliable and hold the sea whatever the weather conditions. This is an essential point to ensure the tranquility of the journey in all circumstances.

4. Safety on board

Navigating the Atlantic Ocean over a medium or long period of time requires increased implementation of onboard security measures. The boat must therefore ensure the complete safety of the passengers and the skipper throughout the cruise.

Choosing a boat to venture transatlantic is not as simple as it seems. To help you find the best possible offshore boat, discover our models of second hand boats without delay.

The Amber Yachting team specialized is in charge of finding the perfect trawler or catamaran to allow you to conquer the Atlantic and satisfy your travel desires in the rules of the art.

Come and meet us in Mandelieu La Napoule and also discover our offers of place of berth for sale, our nautical services and our brokerage service.

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