Administrative management : what you need to know

Wondering how to register your boat? Do you want to know more about the maritime mortgage?

Amber Yachting answers all your questions and supports you throughout the process!

Our yacht brokerage and consulting company located in the French Riviera takes care of all the administrative procedures for you, to insure the sale or purchase of your boat remains a hassle free experience.

Which administrative steps should I take to buy/sell my boat?

When you buy a boat or either decide to sell your unit, a number of administrative processes are expected, one of which is the ownership property transfer.

Those administrative procedures will vary according to the vessel’s flag, the applicable taxes according to the residence of the buyer and the characteristics of the vessel, such as its size or engine power. Thus, it is important to know and understand the rules and regulations in order to carry out all formalities to remain compliant with the laws.

At Amber Yachting, our duo of experts understand administrative processes can be tedious and complex. Hence, our team of experts are here to take care of your administrative procedures and will help you with all required formalities during and after the purchase or sale of a boat.

  • Your boat registration in France and in Europe :
    Darcy and Franck will handle the ownership transfer of your boat. They will work directly with the French Customs once all documents are completed and in line to proceed with the registration of your boat.
  • Flag deletion / Flag deregistration:
    If you buy a motorboat which is not registered in France (or under the French Flag), as a European boater, Amber Yachting will handle the flag deregistration to subsequently make the necessary steps for registration in your country of residence.
  • The maritime mortgage:
    When purchasing a boat through credit, the bank handing you the loan, in return, will require a guarantee in the form of a mortgage taken against unit concerned. Amber Yachting will then work with the Customs to register of the boat. Following this step, the Customs becomes the custodian of the marine mortgages.

As noted, there are various administrative steps related to the purchase or the sale of a boat. Without proper guidance, costly mistakes can happen. It is best to rely on nautical specialists to carry out your administrative formalities properly: Amber Yachting is at your disposal for any information you may need.

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